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Alumet Garden

Alumet maintains a pro-active approach to sustainability and we strive to reduce our company’s carbon footprint through all practical means available to us.


Alumet’s commitment to the environment has been benchmarked with ISO 14001 certification. To couple this, we aim to use as many suppliers as possible who are ISO 14001 certified.

Waste & Recycling

We recycle as many materials as possible from the office, factory and on site, including paper, card, wood, glass, plastic and metal. We have recently developed our recycling schemes to include specialist items such as rubber and polypropylene. We compost our green waste in our company garden.


Our Purchasing Policies ensure that our suppliers meet the following criteria:

  • Glass, Steel, & Aluminium must demonstrate high recycled content
  • Timber, paper and card must be FSC certified
  • Minimal packaging must be used for delivery
  • Materials must not be purchased from countries under oppressive regimes
  • Local suppliers must be chosen whenever possible.


Since 2009 we have achieved the following improvements in environmental efficiency:

  • Lighting – 55% reduction in electrical lighting requirements for our factory as roof lights have been installed.
  • Heating – 50% reduction in heating requirements for our factory as additional insulation has been installed along with a highly efficient heating system.
  • Electricity – 50% reduction in electricity requirements for our Training Centre as solar panels have been installed.
  • Air-conditioning – 20% reduction in air conditioning requirements as solar shading has been installed.
  • Commuting – 7% reduction in cars used to commute to work as a Cycle to Work scheme has been introduced.

Cycle to Work

To reduce carbon emissions a “Cycle to Work” scheme has been introduced whereby the company contributes towards bicycles for members of staff who wish to cycle to the office. We have also installed a secure bike shelter and shower facilities for those wishing to use them.

Increased Biodiversity

In order to increase the biodiversity of our local area we have transformed an area of wasteland at our headquarters into a wildlife garden. The Alumet ‘Green Vision’ Garden was officially opened in 2010 by TV botanist Dr David Bellamy OBE. Since installation the garden has developed as a haven for wildlife and features a variety of plants as well as a pond, insect stack, butterfly box and various bat, bird and bumble bee boxes. The garden also has a seating area and provides the ideal place for staff to relax together during break times.

David Bellamy at Alumet Open Day 2010


Our environmental standards have been benchmarked with the following industry accolades:

  • CBI (Confederation of British Industry) Awards – Green Strategy
  • Green Apple Award – Environmental Excellence
  • London Sustainable City Awards – Environmental Management

Environmental Policy
Please click here to view our Environmental Policy.


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Supporting the education sector

Alumet supports the local education sector in the following ways:

  • Exhibiting at career events, where the company gives advice to local students trying to pursue a career in the construction industry.
  • Providing short term work experience for secondary school students.
  • Providing long term work experience for university students.
  • Apprenticeships and trainees

Supporting local groups

As well as raising funds for their chosen charities, Alumet also helps other local groups where possible.

Charity Work

Fundraising activities

Alumet organises fundraising events throughout the year such as quiz nights, book sales, cake sales, raffles, sporting events and more. Each year a different charity is chosen to receive the funds.

2013 – Present

Since 2013 Alumet has raised funds for the Air Ambulance and NHS Heart of England charities.

2012 – Make-A-Wish Foundation UK


Throughout 2012 we raised funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK (Registered Charity No 295672). The charity provide activities and events for children and young people fighting life threatening illnesses.

2011 – Myton Hospice


In 2011 we raised £4,500 for Myton Hospice (Registered Charity No 516287). The hospice provides care for terminally ill people in Warwick, Rugby and Coventry and helps them to live as actively as possible after diagnosis to the end of their lives.

2010 – Motor Neurone Disease Association

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In 2010 we raised £2,185 for Motor Neurone Disease Association (Registered Charity No 294354). Motor Neurone Disease causes the degeneration of motor neurons and leads to weakness and wasting of muscles, causing increasing loss of mobility in the limbs, and difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing. The MND Association is a charity working to help people with MND secure the care and support they need, while promoting research into causes, treatments and a cure. Further details are available at mndassociation.org.

2009 – Thomas’s Fund

In 2009 we raised £2,585 for a local charity called Thomas’s Fund (Registered Charity No 1123075). The organisation provides musical therapy for children and young people with life limiting illnesses (unexpected to reach adulthood). Musical therapy helps to develop self-expression, communication and social awareness. Further details are available at thomassfund.org.uk.



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