1839 Chalcot Estate Delivery Information

Bray House, Fellows Road, London, NW3 3JU
0800 to 1700hrs

The main area of concern is around Swiss cottage, the route is designed to create a one-way circuit around Fellow’s Road and Adaline Road, this also minimises left turns.
The area is a high frequency impact area for vehicles and pedestrian/cyclists and hotspots are marked in red on the map.

Your vehicle should be booked into the project in a time slot, please be aware that other deliveries may be in.

Drivers should report to designated point highlighted in red at Bray, this is manned by competent traffic marshals and they are in control to assist you. Drivers are requested to listen to them.

Offloading is by forklift; side curtain vehicles are recommended and if loads can be made suitable to remove by pallet or other lifting devices.

You will be asked to complete FORs checks, please be patient and assist the marshal. This will speed up the process for all.

Vehicles must give right of way to pedestrians and cycle traffic.
· Vehicles must be road worthy and clean.
· Obey highway rules.
· Be polite to all residence and locals.
· Remain with vehicle.
· No reversing into position without control of McLaren marshal.

We are here to assist you as much as we can we have welfare and canteen, if you have concerns prior to arrival call Hasit on 07854947557, also let us know if delayed in traffic we will then try to accommodate your arrival.

HGV hold parking can be found:
+ North at Brent + Cross South Cannery + wharf West Westfield